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Are your spark plugs due for a change

Are Your Spark Plugs Due for a Change – Vancouver Auto Repair   No matter what kind vehicle you drive, at some point it’s going to need some parts, unless you buy a new car every 5,000 – 10,000 miles. But who can afford to do that? Every part of your vehicle has a lifespan and some parts last longer than others. In fact, some parts last longer on one vehicle than the same part on another vehicle. For example, your spark plugs are going to need to be replaced, but it could be as early as 30,000 miles, while some plugs could last as long as 100,000 miles.   So, what about your spark plugs? Do you know the last time they were changed? Chances are if your car isn’t having any issues then your spark plugs are fine. But if you’ve noticed anything unusual lately, then it could be your plugs. Here are some of the top signs your spark plugs could some new spark ... read more


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Benefits of Flushing your coolant

Benefits of Flushing Your Coolant – Vancouver Auto Repair Do you know what keeps your engine cool when it runs? Do you know what keeps your engine warm when the temperature drops below freezing? Would you believe the answer is the same for both? Most people know that anti-freeze protects your engine when the sub-freezing weather hits. But anti-freeze is also called coolant because it protects your engine from overheating. Coolant transfers and evacuates excess heat from your engine to protect it from getting too hot. Engine coolant is pretty basic, but some vehicles use only a specific type of coolant, so it’s important to know which type your vehicle takes before replacing it or topping it off. And speaking of replacing your engine coolant, do you know the last time you had this important service done? When Should You Get a Coolant Flush? If you’re not sure, then you should probably at least get the coolant checked to be sure it ... read more


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How to Avoid Buying a Lemon When Shopping for a Used Car

Shopping for a used car can be a nightmare. You can drive all over town checking out used car lots but then you have to deal with used car salesmen. That takes a lot of time and energy that you might not have at your disposal. You could also shop online. There are dozens of websites that advertise cars for sale. In fact, these days, you can actually complete the entire process all online, without every seeing the vehicle in person or speaking with someone face to face. The problem with that is, you never quite know what the vehicle looks like because you can’t see it in-person with your own eyes. The risk is that you end up buying a lemon. And that’s the last thing you want to do with your money. So here are some tips to avoid getting stuck with a lemon. See it for yourself – you should always look at the car before you buy it. This allows you to inspect it yourself and determine what condition the car is in. there may be things you see in-person t ... read more

Need a Used Car Inspection – Vancouver Auto Repair

Right now, people are paying high prices and vehicles are hard to come by. In some cases, people have even paid more for a used vehicle than the price of a new one for the same model. If you’ve been looking for a pre-owned car lately, then you know the used car market is crazy When purchasing a used vehicle, you always have to be sure you are getting a car that’s still in good working condition. But in the current market, you have to be completely sure you know what you’re getting for the money. While many used cars are in very good shape these days, they are still used. So, you never really know for sure exactly what kind of condition a vehicle might be in. That’s why getting a pre-purchase inspection is a very smart move.   Make Sure You Know the Whole Story   These days, there are many online resources that can give you an idea of a vehicle’s history. T ... read more

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