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Is your clutch on its last legs - Vancouver Auto Repair

Is Your Clutch on Its Last Legs – Vancouver Auto Repair Although most vehicles on the road these days have automatic transmissions, there are still cars with manual transmissions out there. If you own a manual transmission vehicle and you’ve noticed some issues lately, then it might be time for some clutch service. There are several things that can go wrong with the clutch and affect your ability to shift gears. Some of these issues can be minor and only necessitate a simple repair. On the other hand, some issues are more serious and might require a rebuilt clutch, or a new clutch altogether. But no matter the severity, if you are having clutch issues, then come see us at our Vancouver auto repair shop. Here are the most common signs that your vehicle needs some clutch service. Tops Signs of a Bad ClutchBurning Smell – when your clutch starts to go bad, you will likely smell a burning odor. This happens because ... read more


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