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Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar

Has your car ever stunk you out before? It sounds like a weird question, right? Unless your car has put off some terrible smell before, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Cars can make all kinds of smells. In most cases, bad smells are a sign of trouble. Some are not that serious, but others can indicate serious problems are lurking.   One smell that will always get your attention is when your vehicle’s AC or heater is blowing, and it smells like vinegar. For most people, that is not a pleasant smell. And what could be worse than needing your air conditioner on a hot day and it starts blowing out air that smells like vinegar? No thanks!   Why Does Your Car Smell Like Vinegar?   Your car could smell this way for a variety of reasons. But first off, if you only smell it when the AC is blowing then you know the issue has something to do with your AC system. If you notice it without the AC blowing, then it is likely coming from ... read more


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Do These Services This Fall to Get Ready for Winter

Can you believe summer has already come and gone? Times flies when you’re having fun. The summer driving season is over. The harsh fall and winter weather is just around the corner, and that means the tough seasonal driving conditions are coming. Is your car ready?   Here in the Vancouver area, and the pacific northwest in general, we have to be ready for just about anything during the fall and winter. You never know what the conditions are going to be like. That’s why getting your vehicle in top shape before winter hits makes you safer on the road and helps give you peace of mind.   Top Fall Auto Services You Need   There are plenty of things you can do for your vehicle in the fall to get it ready for winter. Here are some of the most logical things to do now before the wintery weather hits.   Check Your Tires – the summer driving season can be quite fun, but those hot roads do wear down your tires. And wi ... read more


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Need a Used Car Inspection – Vancouver Auto Repair

Right now, people are paying high prices and vehicles are hard to come by. In some cases, people have even paid more for a used vehicle than the price of a new one for the same model. If you’ve been looking for a pre-owned car lately, then you know the used car market is crazy When purchasing a used vehicle, you always have to be sure you are getting a car that’s still in good working condition. But in the current market, you have to be completely sure you know what you’re getting for the money. While many used cars are in very good shape these days, they are still used. So, you never really know for sure exactly what kind of condition a vehicle might be in. That’s why getting a pre-purchase inspection is a very smart move.   Make Sure You Know the Whole Story   These days, there are many online resources that can give you an idea of a vehicle’s history. T ... read more

Does Your Car Have Any of These Brake Problems – Vancouver Auto Repair

Brakes; they’re kind of important, right? Obviously, every part of your vehicle is important, but without your brakes you’d be crazy to even take your vehicle on the road. When your brakes are working properly you don’t give them much thought. But if they start to screech or they feel soft when you press the brake pedal, then you take notice.   A little screeching is annoying, but it doesn’t mean your vehicle will suddenly be unable to stop. However, there are some brake problems that you should never put off. Doing so, could compromise your safety.   Serious Brake Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore   There are numerous things that can go wrong with your brakes. Here are five things you should never ignore.   Brake pedal feels spongy – your brake pedal should always feel firm, instead of squishy. If your pedal doesn’t really give you any resistance, or it pushes all the way to the floor ... read more

Reliable Mazda Auto Repair in Vancouver WA

What comes to mind when you think of Mazda? Of course, most Mazda owners would immediately think of a fancy red vehicle speeding down the road with a “zoom, zoom” bumper sticker or license plate. Mazda owners buy their vehicles for their reliability and stylish looks, but mostly because they are fun to drive. Owning a Mazda is fun, but if you want to keep having all that fun on the open road, then you have to take care of your vehicle. “Zoom, zoom” will turn into “boom, boom” very quickly if you don’t keep your Mazda in top shape with regular routine maintenance. No one wants his or vehicle to go boom. That’s why finding the right Vancouver auto repair shop for your Mazda is so important.   Vancouver WA Mazda Auto Repair You could take your Mazda to just about any shop in the Vancouver area and most likely they would service it. However, your Mazda is important to you, so you don’t want to take it to just ... read more

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