Is Your Power Steering Having Issues?

Is Your Power Steering Having Issues?

Today’s modern vehicles are amazing. With so many amenities and luxuries, it seems like cars are getting more advanced every day. Do you remember when cars didn’t even have power steering? Most drivers probably don’t. These days power steering is a given. In fact, these days, many cars have self-driving options. That’s how far technology advancements have come in auto manufacturing.

Power steering is a must have. Without it, driving would be very inconvenient. It can also be a safety hazard. So if you’ve noticed any signs of trouble with your steering system, then get it checked out.

Power Steering System

Your power steering system is made up of a few simple things. You have a power steering pump, a hoses, and power steering fluid. Together these help maintain the right amount of hydraulic fluid, which relieves pressure from the gears. This is what makes it so easy for you to turn your wheel.

Signs of Trouble – Vancouver Auto Repair

It doesn’t take much to notice you have a power steering system problem. Simply turning your steering wheel will be difficult. In fact, it will take a lot more force to actually get it to turn. That’s why it can be very unsafe. Making simple turns will become very difficult.

If your power steering starts to go out while you’re driving don’t panic. Slow your vehicle down and pull off the road as quickly and safely as you can. If you need to, turn on your hazard lights so other drivers know there is a problem.

Fixing the Problem

In most cases, when something is wrong with the power steering system, it means your power steering fluid is low. That could be because of a leak, or just because the fluid hasn’t been replenished in a while. Flushing your power steering fluid on occasion is a good way to remove any built up particles. And it’s also a good way to ensure your fluid is at the appropriate level.

If the problem persists after replenishing the fluids, then your power steering pump could be the problem. You might notice more fluid on the ground underneath your vehicle. You might also notice a loud, grinding sound when you try to steer.

If that’s the case, then it’s time to call the professionals at Hoesly Automotive. We’ll get your power steering pump replaced, add new fluid, and get you back on the road in no time. 

Your Reliable Vancouver Auto Repair Shop

Most drivers take their power steering for granted. But when you start having trouble turning the wheel, then you’ll definitely notice a difference. Driving without power steering is not enjoyable or safe. So, if you’ve noticed lately that it’s harder to turn your steering wheel, then bring your vehicle into Hoesly Eco Automotive.

We’ll find out what’s going on and we’ll get it fixed, so you can get back on the road. Don’t keep fighting with your steering wheel. Get it fixed and enjoy the comforts of power steering again.

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