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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Certified Volkswagen Service and Repair in Vancouver WA

There are a lot of Volkswagen vehicles on the road today. Volkswagen owners expect their vehicles to perform well, last long and offer a nice sense of style and appeal. They also know that their vehicles need special attention and care in order to keep running well. Not just any mechanic can work on a Volkswagen. You need an experienced technician to make sure the repairs are done right. Volkswagen vehicles are unique and you have to do things right, or your “repairs’ could end up making things worse. That’s why we have VW experts that know exactly what to do with your Volkswagen. We only use the most recent state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to determine what your Volkswagen needs and then we solve the problem. For example, the Volkswagen’s diesel engine is a turbocharged direct injection (TDI) powering system, which is very unique. So it requires a qualified technician to do th ... read more

What is OBD Testing?

What is OBD Testing?

Checking your vehicle's owner's manual or even looking up your car's preventative maintenance online may have resulted in stumbling upon the term OBD testing. OBD is just the short term for on-board diagnostics, which represents your vehicle's computer system. Most modern vehicles have an on-board computer system equipped.  What exactly does your vehicle's on-board computer system do? This complex system has the important job of monitoring different electrical sensors throughout your vehicle. This computer monitors the performance of these systems and can detect when a problem arises. It's basically your vehicle's quality control.  This system also helps to monitor your car's emissions system. It makes sure that your vehicle is regulated in terms of emissions and fuel economy. If the computer system does detect an issue, it will illuminate the check engine light, which will appear on your dashboard. This lets you know that some ... read more

Vancouver WA Subaru Repair and Maintenance – Head Gaskets

There are so many things that can go wrong with any type of automobile, including your Subaru. Subaru makes quality vehicles that are built to last. But even those nice new Subaru vehicles need regular service and maintenance. One of the biggest repairs Subaru owners can face is a head gasket replacement. Head gaskets are obviously very important for a vehicle to run properly. If your head gasket has gone bad, then your vehicle is going to be losing oil. And the more oil your engine loses, the worse it is for your engine. So if you have a bad head gasket, you shouldn’t postponed getting it fixed. Vancouver Subaru Head Gasket Replacement Changing a head gasket is a big job. In most cases, you need to remove the entire engine assembly to do the job right. Of course, this takes additional time, and it is more expensive, but it’s also a much more effective way to replace a head gasket. It also allows us to check the entire engine, as well as all the integra ... read more

Trusted Lexus Auto Repair and Service in Vancouver WA

If you own a Lexus then you don’t drive just to get from point A to point B. Driving means a lot more to you. Lexus is one of the world’s most highly rated luxury brands and Lexus owners are proud of their vehicles. They also take their service, repairs, and maintenance seriously. You know that keeping your Lexus running at peak performance means taking care of it properly. You didn’t skimp when you purchased your new ride, and you can’t skimp when it comes to auto repairs and maintenance. As time goes on, your Lexus will only be as luxurious as you make it. So it’s important to find the right Vancouver auto repair shop for all of your Lexus car care. Better Than the Dealer Of course, you could take your Lexus to a local dealer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get the best service. And you will almost never get the best price. Finding a trusted dealer altern ... read more

Avoid Costly Downtime for Your Fleet With Preventative Maintenance

What’s your number one focus as a fleet manager? It’s got to be keeping your vehicles on the road. Let’s face it. Downtime means lost business, and lost business means lost revenue for your company. Of course, there is no way to avid downtime completely. It’s an inevitable part of owning or managing a fleet. Sometimes, vehicles just break down no matter how well you treat them. And other times, it all comes down to who’s behind the wheel. If your drivers aren’t careful, your fleet can suffer. There are other factors, which you have no control, over like other drivers on the road. The bottom line is your fleet is going to have some downtime. But you can reduce your downtime, and at the same time prevent revenue loss, by properly maintaining your fleet and keeping up to date on repairs and service. Controlling Fleet Downtime Even though some downtime is inevitable, you can do a number of things to help reduce it. These steps should ... read more

Keep Your Jeep Running Smoothly With Vancouver Auto Repair

Keep Your Jeep Running Smoothly With Vancouver Auto Repair

Jeep owners love their vehicles. Whether it’s a Grand Cherokee, a wrangler, or one of the many other crossover vehicles the company makes, Jeep is a brand name that’s synonymous with the great outdoors. That’s one of the reasons there is a large number of Jeep owners in the Pacific Northwest, including here in the Vancouver area. If you own a Jeep vehicle then you know how important it is to find a good auto repair shop to keep your vehicle maintenance up to date. There are several Jeep dealers in the area, but taking your Jeep to one of the dealers is usually very expensive. That’s why finding a dealer alternative you can trust is so important. Experts in Vancouver WA Jeep Repair When you’re shopping for an auto repair shop in Vancouver for your Jeep, the first thing you need to look for is a shop that knows how to work on Jeep vehicles. Our ASE certified techs have decade ... read more

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