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Monthly Archives: May 2020

What’s that weird smell in my car?

With the weather in Vancouver going through its typical Spring inconsistencies, you may find yourself using the A/C this week and the heater the next. Standard functioning vehicles will be odorless when air flows through the vents, but what happens with the air smells unusual?    Any smell other than an odorless smell can leave room for concern, below is an outline of potential odors and the culprit to the problem:     A rubber smell in a car cabin: The smell of burning rubber can indicate an overheated clutch plate. It could also point to an issue with your accessory drive belt slipping. If your car accessory drive belt is not moving, it could be getting chewed by a broken pulley or a hose rubbing against a moving part.                   The smell of gas: While It’s normal to smell a little gasoline when turning on a cold engine due to incomplete combustio ... read more

Brake Lights Not Working – Vancouver Auto Repair

Brake Lights Not Working – Vancouver Auto Repair Every driver depends on their vehicle’s lights to not only see but also to be seen. Your car lights help keep you safe on the roads. Your headlights help get you where you need to be when its dark. And your taillights help others see you from behind.  And then there are your brake lights. Your brake lights work both night and day to let others know you are slowing down or stopping. Driving without working brake lights can be very dangerous. Furthermore, if a law enforcement officer notices your brake lights (or any of your lights) aren’t working, you could get a citation. And it’s up to you to make sure all your lights are working. Common Causes of Dysfunctional Lights These days, vehicles are very sophisticated. In most cars, the taillight bulb and brake light bulb are one in the same. So you would think that if one light weren’t working, both lights would not be w ... read more

Hoesly Automotive Keeps Your Fleet on the Road

What’s your number one concern as a fleet manager? Keeping your fleet operating so you can carry out your business. You have a lot of things to oversee as a fleet manager. Making sure every vehicle in your fleet is running smoothly is a big job. But you need to focus on everything else. So finding the right auto repair service to keep your fleet operating on all cylinders is vital. Your Trust Is Our Top Priority Building trust with our customers is our top priority. That’s why at Hoesly Automotive, we provide numerous benefits, including: Easy access to our entire team of professionals whenever you need it Complete free-estimates before we do the work Vehicles always serviced by ASE certified technicians 3-year/36-month warranties on parts and labor Access to the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and tools Experienced hybrid and electric vehicle service Other Benefits of Hoesly Automotive’s Fleet Service Our fleet cus ... read more

Quality BMW Auto Repair in Vancouver

That shiny BMW looks pretty great in your driveway doesn’t it? And you love the looks you get as you drive down the road in your “ultimate driving machine.” There’s no question that what you drive matters to you, when you own a BMW. It shows that you’ve made a big investment in your wheels when you choose to own a BMW. It also means you need to invest a little more in taking care of it. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your car. And that means it gets a lot of use. Over time all of that driving starts to wear your vehicle down, even if you drive a BMW. And when your car starts to wear down you need to give it the proper attention. Otherwise, you’ll run into big problems and expensive repairs. Keep Your BMW Running Like NewBMW service is complicated. These luxuries vehicles need expert care and service by people who know how to work on them ... read more

Trusted Honda Repair You Can Rely on in Vancouver

Honda owners know how dependable their cars are. After all, Honda has one of the best reputations for quality and durability in the entire auto industry. That’s why so many people buy Honda vehicles with confidence. In other words, when you buy a Honda you know you’re buying a car that’s going to last you a long time.. But, just like any other make or model, you have to take care of your Honda if you want it to remain in top condition. And that’s why you need to take it to the right auto repair shop in Vancouver for your service and maintenance. Expert Honda Auto Repair and Service At Hoesly Eco Automotive, we’ve been servicing and repairing Honda vehicles for several decades. Our technicians know how to service Hondas with the special care and attention they need. From engines to transmissions and everything else in between, we have the expertise to keep your Honda running like new. Our Vancouver auto repair shop is equipped with the latest diagnost ... read more

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