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Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas?

Have you ever wondered why your car smells like gas? It happens even though you’re not filling your car’s tank, or when you’re nowhere near a gas station. But somehow you keep getting a whiff of gas. It’s unmistakable. But why is it happening? What’s causing that smell and what can you do to stop it? Most Common Reasons Your Car Smells Like Gas Before you can fix the problem, the first thing you have to do is identify the cause. There are several possible reasons your car smells like gas. And no matter the cause, you should get the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as you can. So here are some of the most common reasons your car smells like gas. Gas exposure – this is often the most obvious reason your car smells like gas. Sometimes gas fumes get into your vehicle from gas station pumps, or other vehicles. This is also the easiest cause to fix. Simply try rolling down your window. The air should quickly clear. I ... read more

Why Does My Car Overheat

Why Does My Car Overheat? Have you noticed any steam or smoke coming from under your hood lately? Maybe you’ve seen the needle on the temperature gauge rising higher than normal. If you’ve noticed either of these signs maybe you’ve wondered what’s going on. There’s a good chance that your vehicle’s engine is overheating. If that’s the case, then you don’t want to wait around to get it checked out. An overheated engine could lead to serious problems and expensive repairs. So don’t ignore the warning signs. Problems With the Cooling System But why does your car overheat? What causes your engine to get so hot? The reality is, there are several possible reasons your engine is getting too hot. But they’re all associated with your cooling system. When something isn’t working right with your cooling system, inevitably, your engine will eventually to start overheat. And that’s when you ... read more

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