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Your Trusted Toyota Repair Specialists in Vancouver WA

Your Trusted Toyota Repair Specialists in Vancouver WA

What attributes come to mind when you think about your Toyota? Probably reliability, dependability, and durability to name just a few. Toyotas have a long history of quality and that’s why there’s so many Toyotas on the roads, including here in Clark County. When you bought your Toyota vehicle you most likely made a well thought out decision to make sure you were getting the best vehicle at the best deal possible. Obviously, you want to take care of your Toyota so it continues to be the dependable vehicle you need it to be. And that’s why where you choose to take your Toyota for auto repair in Vancouver is very important. Choose the Best Vancouver Auto Repair for Toyota You should give the same thought and care when choosing your Toyota auto repair shop as you did when you purchased your vehicle. Which Vancouver auto repair shop you choose will go a long way in keeping your Toyota running smoothly for many years to com ... read more

Spring Cleaning for Your Car – Vancouver Auto Repair

Spring Cleaning for Your Car – Vancouver Auto Repair

Hey, have you noticed the weather has been warming up? Well, maybe not that much here in the Pacific Northwest, but it has bumped up a little. March is still a cold month in Vancouver, but it’s also the first month of spring. And that means warmer weather is on the way. It also means it will soon be time to get outdoors and start working on “spring cleaning” around your Vancouver WA home. Spring cleaning can be both fun and a pain. But no matter the job you have to do, spring cleaning is important. And you know what’s just as important? Spring cleaning for your car. That’s right. Your vehicle needs some extra attention this time of year. So here’s what you need to do to spring your car ahead for the coming season. Spring Car Care TipsInterior Start with the interior and bust out the vacuum and the duster. In order to dust your vehicle thoroughly, you might need a heavier brush, as well. Sometimes, the dust can ... read more

Chevy Auto Repair You Can Trust in Vancouver WA

Chevy Auto Repair You Can Trust in Vancouver WA

If you drive a Chevy and you’re looking for a Chevy repair shop in Vancouver, then you’ve come to the right place. Chevy owners love their vehicles. And lately, Chevy has been receiving a lot of praise from critics and drivers alike for being both reliable and stylish. Chevy has been making quality vehicles for decades and the brand is synonymous with the term American cars. These days, Chevy owners count on their vehicles to be both dependable and durable, and to always get them where they need to be. But of course, things don’t always go as planned. And even the most reliable car brands have troubles sometimes. And that means even that Chevy you love and depend on every day can break down. So what do you do if you need Chevy auto repair in Vancouver WA? You call someone you can trust. Trusted Independent Vancouver Auto Repair Shop Of course, you could always take your Chevy vehicle ... read more

Your Trusted Subaru Repair Specialists In Vancouver WA

Your Trusted Subaru Repair Specialists In Vancouver WA What is it about a Subaru that makes them so special? If you ask the manufacturer, it’s all about love. And speaking of love, Subaru owners love their vehicles. And here in the Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of Subaru owners. You can’t drive very far without coming across a Subaru. Subaru vehicles are known for their safety, including all-wheel drive and automatic braking systems, among other things. Subarus are also known for being well-built and reliable vehicles. But, like any other type of vehicle, even Subarus need regular service and maintenance. But you can’t trust your baby to any mechanic. You love your Subaru and you want it to keep loving you back. So you need to take your Subaru to a Vancouver auto repair shop you can rely on. is that repair shop. Expert Technicians Our ASE certified mechanics know how to service you ... read more

When Do I Need A Car AC Belt Replacement?

You get into your car on a hot day and go to crank up the A/C - only to find that it doesn't work. It doesn't blow out any air and you hear a strange clunking noise. In most cases, these symptoms can point to a broken AC belt, which will need to be replaced in order to restore your vehicle's air condition. The A/C belt in your car is what connects the air conditioner to the engine's crankshaft. Without a working car A/C belt, the air conditioning system will not be able to function. While a broken A/C belt is not vital to have repaired right away, it is still important to have an expert take a look because a broken A/C belt is just one cause of a faulty air conditioning system. There are many other components in the system that can break and cause issues, some of which can be more important to fix quickly than others. For instance, a leak in the A/C hose can cause problems with surrounding parts because the leaking fluid can cause corrosion and other problems. This is ... read more

Why Does My Car Keep Dying?

Why Does My Car Keep Dying? Have you ever been driving along and suddenly your car just dies? Or maybe you come to a stop and it won’t idle. It slowly chokes or sputters and then goes dead. It’s a very unsettling feeling. And if you’re in the middle of rush-hour traffic it can quickly become a major problem for you, and everyone else on the road behind you. Your vehicle can stop running for a lot of reasons. But mainly it all comes back to two things. Either you have an issue with your fuel, or you have an issue with spark. Two Common Reasons for a Dying Vehicle Most of the time, when your car slowly starts to die it’s because it has lost fuel pressure. In other words, you’ve run out of gas. Of course, if you have a full tank, your car can still die. You could have a bad fuel pump or a clogged filter, for example. These issues will prevent you engine from getting the proper fuel and your engine will stop working. On th ... read more

Prius Auto Repair in Vancouver WA

Your Toyota Prius is no ordinary car. And we know Prius owners are not ordinary people. You have a special place in your heart for the environment. You care about your footprint. But you also have a life and you need to make sure that your trusty Prius keeps getting you where you need to be. So when you need Prius auto repair in Vancouver WA, don’t take your favorite hybrid to an ordinary auto repair shop. Take it to THE trusted Toyota Prius repair specialists in Vancouver: Hoesly ECO Automotive. We understand Prius owners and their cars. Caring for Your Prius and the Environment at the Same Time You value the environment. And Hoesly Eco Automotive, so do we! And that’s why Prius owners keep brining their vehicles back to Hoesly. We take care of your Prius, and the environment at the same time. Owning a Prius is different from owning a gas-powered vehicle. These are unique cars with unique needs. You can’t trust your Prius with just any auto mechan ... read more

Important Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Truck – Vancouver Auto Repair

Important Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Truck – Vancouver Auto Repair

Important Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Truck – Vancouver Auto Repair You spent a lot of money on that diesel truck and you want to have it for a long time. That engine is special. But in order to keep it special, you have to take care of it right. It’s true. A diesel truck is like many other vehicles when it comes to maintenance. But there are some differences. So if you want to avoid expensive auto repairs, then here are some tips to keep your diesel truck running smoothly. Five Simple Tips to Care for Your Diesel Truck There are a lot of things you should do to take care of your diesel. But some of the simplest little things will go a long way in keeping your diesel on the road where it belongs. So even though they’re simple, don’t ignore them. 1. Keep Your Fluids Full – just like you during hot weather, you have to keep up on your engine’s fluids. It’s easy to forget about your fluid ... read more

What is a Strut?

You may have heard the term "shocks and struts" before when someone is talking about your vehicle's suspension system. But, what exactly is a strut and what does it do?  A strut is a component of your vehicle's suspension system, which is the system that is connected to the wheels and the chassis of your car. The suspension system's job is to support your vehicle, absorb the impact of bumps and road texture, and help to properly turn and steer your vehicle.  The strut itself is comprised of two parts:  the shock absorbers and a spring. The spring is typically a coil spring that supports the weight of your car and absorbs movement. The shock absorbers main job is to absorb movement and dampen vibrations.  Since struts hold the weight of your car and do most of the absorbing of shock, they tend to wear down or leak over time. They will need to be inspected periodically and replaced if needed. Your vehicle's owner's manual will outline ... read more

Winter Care for Your Honda in Vancouver

Winter Care for Your Honda in Vancouver January is almost over, but that doesn’t mean Old Man Winter is ready to check out just yet. Here in Vancouver and Clark County, winter likes to stick around for much longer. That means you need to pay special attention to your car, truck, crossover, or SUV for a few more months. And that means keeping it fully serviced and prepared for the harsh winter conditions. Taking of Your Honda During Winter – Honda Auto Repair in Vancouver In this post, we want to specifically focus on Honda owners and vehicles. We know many people in Vancouver and Portland own Hondas. And we know how much you rely on your Hondas every day. So what do you need to do to make sure Honda keeps you moving throughout the rest of this winter season? You have to give it the tight amount love and attention. Here’s an important checklist of the most common things you need to do to ... read more

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