Check Engine Light On – It Could Be Your EGR Valve

Have you ever been driving down the road when your car suddenly seems to lose power? It still drives, but it doesn’t have the normal amount of power you’re used to. You can tell something is wrong. When this happens, you will usually see your check engine light come on, as well. There are several different possibilities for your vehicle to act this way. And likewise, your check engine light can turn on for many reasons. But one of the most common causes is a faulty EGR valve. Signs of Bad EGR Valve First off, your EGR valve (or exhaust gas recirculation valve) is designed to help reduce emissions from your vehicle. Its job is to reroute some of the exhaust gases from your engine back into the combustion chambers in the engine. So how do you know when it’s gone bad? These are the most common signs: Your “Check Engine Light” comes on Your vehicle idles rough or stalls You smell the scent of fuel Your fuel burns off more quickly You he ... read more

Vancouver WA Subaru Repair and Maintenance – Timing Belt

How has your Subaru been running lately? How many miles does your engine have on it? Have you noticed any unusual sounds or rough driving? If you’ve owned your Subaru for a while or you’ve put a lot of miles on it, then it might be time for some repairs and maintenance, including replacing your timing belt. A timing belt replacement is a big job, but there’s no getting around it. At some point, your timing belt will need to be replaced. Your vehicle comes with a scheduled maintenance plan. Your timing belt should last until its scheduled maintenance, but it can wear out sooner. It could also last longer, but you never know when it might go. So if you decide to drive your vehicle past the scheduled due date, you run the risk of having your timing belt bust while you’re driving. That can have terrible results. If your timing belt goes out while your operating your vehicle, you could end up damaging or destroying your engine. That will mean even bigger, more expe ... read more

Why is my AC Blowing Warm Air - Vancouver Auto Repair

There’s nothing like getting into your car on a scalding hot day knowing you’ll soon have some ice cold air blowing in your face. There’s also nothing quite like being disappointed when that cold air comes out warm. Why does your AC blow warm air? There are a few reasons your AC blows warm or hot air instead of cold, refreshing air. Let’s take a closer look at what might be going on. Three Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air There are three main causes for an air conditioning system to blow hot air. One of them is very minor and easy to fix. The rest take more work. But no matter what the cause, we can get it repaired. Your refrigerant is low – this is the easiest problem to address. You just need to buy a can of Freon with a fill valve and then follow the directions. If you don’t have any other issues, then this will take care of the problem. You have a refrigerant leak – if you buy some Fr ... read more

Subaru Repair and Maintenance Vancouver WA – Oil Changes

When was the last time your Subaru had an oil change? These days, cars are so smart they tell you when they want their oil changed. So chances are, you’re probably up to date. But sometimes, we get busy or we just have too many other things to worry about. So we can forget about regular oil changes, or just choose to ignore the little reminder that pops up on our dashboard. It happens to everyone from time to time. However, oil changes, although very simple, are one of the most important services our vehicles need. And it never pays to ignore them. After all, your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. If it’s not clean or it’s running low, then you’re going to pay for it. In fact, you might even blow your engine. So, if you need an oil change, it just makes sense to get it done sooner, rather than later. Hoesly Automotive - Your Home for Oil Changes in Vancouver At Hoesly, we service all makes and models, including Subaru. W ... read more

How Do You Troubleshoot a Brake Problem?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Brake Problem?

Being able to identify certain brake problems is something every driver should know. If you understand the symptoms of bad or failing brakes, you'll be able to get any potential problem addressed quickly to ensure your safety on the road.  Here are some of the ways you can troubleshoot your own vehicle's brakes, and understand what issue you may have depending on the symptoms you are experiencing:  If you step on the brake pedal and it feels spongy, this is an indication that you have air in your brake lines and will need a brake bleed.    Does the pedal seem to sink to the floor rather than have pressure? This can signify a bad master cylinder.    After driving around for a while, do you notice that your brakes stop your car effectively? Is the pedal stopping between 1- 1 1/2 inches from the floor? If it seems that you have to apply more effort to stop or that it takes longer, you may need a new power booster.    I ... read more

Ford Repair Specialists You Can Rely On in Vancouver WA

Why did you purchase your Ford? Of course, there are many different Ford vehicles, so your answers will vary depending on which model you drive. But for most people, when they think of Ford, they think of “Built Ford Tough.” Ford Trucks are built tough. But the manufacturer also builds many other cars, crossovers and SUVs. And people from all walks of life drive Ford vehicles. In fact, it’s hard to keep track of all the many different Ford models on the roads today. But no matter which model of Ford you drive, from the Mustang to the F150 and from the Fusion to the Edge, when you need quality Ford Auto repair, you need to find the best possible auto repair shop in Vancouver. Trusted Ford Auto Repair in Vancouver When you bring your Ford vehicle into Hoesly Eco Automotive, we won’t try to sale you any repair or service you don’t need. We’ll give your vehicle a detailed inspection and correctly diagnose ... read more

What’s Wrong With My Car’s AC – Vancouver Auto Repair

Driving in the summer with a broken air conditioner is horrible. It’s especially bad when you’re stuck in slow moving traffic. Rolling down the windows doesn’t even help. You break out in a terrible sweat and you can’t wait to get somewhere that has working AC. But you don’t have to live with a busted AC unit in your car. Just come see us at Hoesly and we’ll get the problem fixed. Summer is officially just a few days away. And that means July and August are just around the corner. And when they hit, the heat waves will come too. So if you’re vehicle’s AC has been having issues, then now is the time to take care of them. Don’t wait for the next wave to take action. Why Does My AC Blow Hot Air? There are several reasons your AC might not be working anymore. Refrigerant Is Low – the most common reason your AC stops working is because it’s low on refrigerant. That’s what makes the ... read more

Certified, Honest Nissan Repair in Vancouver WA

Do you drive a Nissan? Nissan is one of the top brands from Japan and there are numerous satisfied Nissan owners all over Clark County. Nissan has many excellent models to choose from and if you already own a Nissan, then you’re familiar with their quality and dependability. That’s what makes owning a Nissan so nice. But just like any other brand of vehicle, your Nissan will need some service and repair from time to time. Taking Care of Your Nissan Vehicle If you own a newer Nissan then you want to be sure you take really good care of your investment. And if your Nissan is a little older, it needs special care to make sure it keeps going strong as it continues to get older. So what’s the secret to keeping your Nissan running and driving like new? The truth is there is no secret. It really just comes down to how well you take care of and maintain your Nissan. And these are two very important parts in caring ... read more

Top Tips To Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

It’s summer, at last! You can finally put away the cold weather gear and break out the BBQ. It’s time to buy a new bathing suit and work on that tan again. Of course, no summer is complete with some exciting road trips to amazing new places. Are your summer plans all set? Getting yourself ready for summer is so much fun. Getting your car ready for summer should be fun, too. Of course, it’s much nicer to lay on the couch, or on the beach with a cool drink in your hand. But your car isn’t going to get itself ready for summer. So you’ll have to take some time out of your busy schedule to make sure your car is ready. After all, it wants to look and run its best this season, too. Car Maintenance Tips for Summer in Vancouver WA Taking care of your vehicle year round is important. But each season has its own set of hazards to watch out for. Of course, the biggest issue during the summer is the heat. So here are some simple steps to help you and your car surviv ... read more

What Happens if You Skip an Oil Change?

What Happens if You Skip an Oil Change?

All vehicle owners are familiar with one of their vehicle's most important services - the oil change. We understand that this service can be tiresome, especially knowing that you'll be back again for another in just 3 to 6 short months. If your oil change due date has arrived and you haven't been able to find the time yet to get it done, you may be wondering what could possibly happen if you skip an oil change. Will it go undetected and will your car drive perfectly fine, or will you find yourself dealing with engine troubles?  Engine oil is a very important fluid that ensures your vehicle runs smoothly. The job of this fluid is to lubricate your engine's parts to protect them from heat, wear, and grime build-up. It also helps to prevent metal to metal contact between parts. While the engine oil circulates, it picks up dirt and grime and brings it back through the oil filter which is vital when it comes to keeping your engine clean.  The one fault of engine ... read more

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