Keep Your Jeep Running Smoothly With Vancouver Auto Repair

Keep Your Jeep Running Smoothly With Vancouver Auto Repair

Jeep owners love their vehicles. Whether it’s a Grand Cherokee, a wrangler, or one of the many other crossover vehicles the company makes, Jeep is a brand name that’s synonymous with the great outdoors. That’s one of the reasons there is a large number of Jeep owners in the Pacific Northwest, including here in the Vancouver area. If you own a Jeep vehicle then you know how important it is to find a good auto repair shop to keep your vehicle maintenance up to date. There are several Jeep dealers in the area, but taking your Jeep to one of the dealers is usually very expensive. That’s why finding a dealer alternative you can trust is so important. Experts in Vancouver WA Jeep Repair When you’re shopping for an auto repair shop in Vancouver for your Jeep, the first thing you need to look for is a shop that knows how to work on Jeep vehicles. Our ASE certified techs have decade ... read more

Should I Invest in Winter Tires?

Should I Invest in Winter Tires?

If you've wondered about winter tires, you're not alone. Driving in the snow can be super tricky, and oftentimes winter tires or chains are required to drive in areas that are heavily snowed in. As we move into fall and approach the winter months, you may be asking yourself if winter tires are a good investment. Let's look at some of the pros of winter tires and why many vehicle owners in Vancouver, WA have them.  First, what exactly are winter or snow tires, and how are they different from regular tires? Winter tires are designed with special rubber compounds and larger tread to be able to make traction with the road even in very snowy conditions. In these same conditions, your standard tires just wouldn't be able to make the proper connection with the road, which can lead to scary hydroplaning situations.  Winter tires are designed to give you the ability to steer, brake, and control your vehicle accurately and safely even in very snowy weather, which is d ... read more

Do Diesel Engines Require More Maintenance Than Gas Cars?

One of the most common questions we hear working in the auto repair and service industry is, “Do I have to care for a diesel engine vehicle differently than a gas powered engine?” While both gas and diesel engines need similar care, there are some differences between them. For example, diesel engines usually require oil changes more frequently than gas-powered engines. Some diesel engines also need to replenish their diesel exhaust fluid. This helps cut back on emissions of nitrous oxide. On the other hand, diesel engines don’t need as mush service in other areas. Less Frequent Service One of the advantages of diesel engines is that you don’t have to service other parts as often. For example, diesel engines don’t use spark plugs. So you don’t ever have to worry about replacing your plugs. In addition, because diesel engines are more efficient than gas-powered engines, they don’t wear down as quickly and they don’t need ... read more

Hyundai Auto Repair You Can Count on in Vancouver WA

Fifteen years ago when you talked about quality automakers, Hyundai was definitely not one of the first names that came to mind. In fact, it was often the butt of many automobile jokes. But a lot has changed and Hyundai is no longer an after thought in the auto world. In fact, Hyundai is now one of the highest selling automakers on the road, and for good reason. Combined with modern styling, numerous amenities, and a very reliable warranty, Hyundai now offers car buyers another excellent choice when shopping for a new vehicle. Hyundai Service and Repair in Vancouver So now that you’ve chosen to own a Hyundai, you need to make sure you choose the right auto repair shop to keep your Hyundai safely on the road. At Hoesly Eco Automotive, we know that you have many choices for auto repair. But we set ourselves apart from the competition with quality, reliable, and affordable auto repair. Our customers count on us to make sure their vehicles are safe. We don&rsquo ... read more

Getting the Most From Your Auto Fleet Service in Vancouver WA

What’s it like being the owner or manager of a fleet of vehicles? Every day can be a little different, right? The truth is you never really know what to expect. Some days are problem-free and everything just runs like it’s supposed to. But in most cases, especially if you have a large fleet, those perfect days are few and far between. Having issues with one or more of your fleet vehicles is just a part of owning or managing a fleet. So what do you do when one of your vehicles goes down? Do you hire a mechanic, to service your vehicles (or a team of mechanics if your fleet is large)? That is an option, but it can be a very expensive option. If your fleet is large, then finding an auto repair shop to take care of your fleet service and repairs for you could be a much better choice. Regular Fleet Service Saves You Time and Money Not only can it save you money, but it would also save you the headache of having to worry about all the repairs and downtime that ... read more

Subaru Repair and Maintenance Vancouver WA – Factory Scheduled Maintenance

How do you feel about your Subaru? If you’re like most Subaru drivers then you love your vehicle. Subaru owners are very proud of their cars and they expect a lot from them. Subaru is known for building quality vehicles that last. That’s why so many people have moved to Subaru in recent years. However, Subaru vehicles are just like another make. They need regular maintenance in order to stay in top running condition. That’s why Subaru includes a factory schedule maintenance calendar with all of its vehicles.  When you stick to this schedule, you keep your Subaru running at peak performance. And that’s what every Subaru owner wants. Service Your Subaru at Hoesly Automotive At Hoesly Eco Automotive, we know that no one wants to spend money on auto repair or maintenance. We all have other things we would rather do with our hard-earned income. But think of it this way. Would you rather spend a little money on your vehicle occasionally, or sp ... read more

Back to School Auto Maintenance and Service – Vancouver WA Auto Repair

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school in the Vancouver area. Of course, with coronavirus still prevalent in our community, no one really knows for sure what the school year is going to look like this year. In fact, everyone might just be doing school from home. But regardless of how or where you attend school, there is always a need to have a trusted, reliable vehicle you can count on. School activities can keep families busy, not to mention all the other extracurricular activities going on. It’s no wonder why having your vehicle in tip top shape is so important. Tips for Back to School Car Care There are numerous things you can do to get your car, truck, crossover, van, or SUV ready for the upcoming season. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to. They might seem basic, but it’s the basics that help keep your vehicle healthy, and keep you happy. Change your oil – this is the most basic ... read more

Are Tire Rotations Important?

Are Tire Rotations Important?

When most drivers think of their vehicle maintenance, tires don't usually come to mind. They are highly durable components of your vehicle, however, they still need care and service. Buying a new set of tires doesn't come cheap, and the longer you can sustain good working tires, the safer you'll be on the road and the more money you'll save on tires over time.  Tires typically only need to be replaced every 60,000 miles or so, depending on your individual driving habits and how well you take care of your vehicle. So when it comes to tire maintenance, what exactly is needed? We want to talk to you about tire rotations, and just how important they are.  What exactly is a tire rotation? Tire rotation is the simple service of a mechanic switching the positions of your tires. The tires will switch which side of the vehicle they are on, and front and back position. It's basically giving each tire a run at every position in your vehicle. But why?  Well, c ... read more

Check Engine Light On – It Could Be Your EGR Valve

Have you ever been driving down the road when your car suddenly seems to lose power? It still drives, but it doesn’t have the normal amount of power you’re used to. You can tell something is wrong. When this happens, you will usually see your check engine light come on, as well. There are several different possibilities for your vehicle to act this way. And likewise, your check engine light can turn on for many reasons. But one of the most common causes is a faulty EGR valve. Signs of Bad EGR Valve First off, your EGR valve (or exhaust gas recirculation valve) is designed to help reduce emissions from your vehicle. Its job is to reroute some of the exhaust gases from your engine back into the combustion chambers in the engine. So how do you know when it’s gone bad? These are the most common signs: Your “Check Engine Light” comes on Your vehicle idles rough or stalls You smell the scent of fuel Your fuel burns off more quickly You he ... read more

Vancouver WA Subaru Repair and Maintenance – Timing Belt

How has your Subaru been running lately? How many miles does your engine have on it? Have you noticed any unusual sounds or rough driving? If you’ve owned your Subaru for a while or you’ve put a lot of miles on it, then it might be time for some repairs and maintenance, including replacing your timing belt. A timing belt replacement is a big job, but there’s no getting around it. At some point, your timing belt will need to be replaced. Your vehicle comes with a scheduled maintenance plan. Your timing belt should last until its scheduled maintenance, but it can wear out sooner. It could also last longer, but you never know when it might go. So if you decide to drive your vehicle past the scheduled due date, you run the risk of having your timing belt bust while you’re driving. That can have terrible results. If your timing belt goes out while your operating your vehicle, you could end up damaging or destroying your engine. That will mean even bigger, more expe ... read more

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