Which Manufacturer Offers the Best Warranty?

Which Manufacturer Offers the Best Warranty? What’s your favorite kind of car? Maybe you prefer a Japanese automaker, like Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda or Nissan. Perhaps you like American made, like GM, Chrysler or Ford. Or, maybe you prefer one of the German automakers like Audi, Mercedes or BMW. The fact is there are literally dozens of vehicles to choose from. So which is your favorite one of the most popular models right now? Well, according to Cox Automotive, based on the latest sales forecasts the most popular automakers are GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai. All of these manufactures make solid vehicles, but not all of them offer the same warranties. The truth is, not all bumper-to-bumper warranties are created equal. Does a B2B Warranty Really Cover Everything? The term bumper-to-bumper warranty gets thrown around a lot, and the phras ... read more

Is Your Car Ready for Summer Driving This Year?

It’s almost that time of year again. Summer! The sun is out, the BBQ grill is fired up, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. And of course, you’re getting ready for some fun summer activities. Most of the time that means you’ll need your car to get you where you’re going. If your summer season includes any road trips or big driving plans, then now is the time to get your vehicle ready. The last thing you want to worry about is your vehicle ruing your big plans. And of course, you want to be safe out on the busy roadways as you set out to explore new adventures. So if you car, truck, crossover, or SUV needs any summer prep, now is the perfect time to take care of it. Inspection Checklist There’s a lot that could go wrong so give your vehicle a complete checkup to be sure everything is in good working order. Here are some important things to focus on right now. Check the Tires – summer driving conditions ... read more

Top Maintenance Items to Never Ignore

Owning a vehicle goes beyond just driving it to and from your destination each day. With owning a vehicle comes a responsibility of taking care of your car and making sure that it drives dependably. Here at the most common vehicle missteps in maintenance to avoid to save you money and hassle:  Don’t ignore your check engine light. If you see your vehicle’s check engine light turn on and stay on, it is time to have your vehicle inspected. You may not know the severity of the issue, and if it is a major problem, it can get progressively worse and more expensive if you ignore the warning and continue driving.  Always change your oil and other fluids on time. Forgetting to get an oil change can have dire consequences, including leading to irreversible engine damage and corrosion. Engine damage is extremely expensive, so staying on top of your vehicle’s oil changes will protect your wallet. Other key fluids need to be replaced at certain intervals, including br ... read more

Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

One of the most common car problems people experience is squeaky brakes. When your brakes screech it’s an awful sound. The good news is that sound is usually pretty simple to get rid of. And compared to many other auto repair services, fairly cheap. But don’t let that make you think you can just ignore the screech. Your vehicle’s brakes can squeak for many reasons. Many of them are not serious. But some of them are. So what causes your brakes to squeak? First off, it’s quite common for brakes to make noise. Most brakes use a cast-iron disc that’s squeezed in between two brake pads. These pads are lined with a friction material and when conditions are right they rub together creating that high-pitched squeal. This squeal will vary depending on how fast you’re going and how hard you press on the brakes. Pads and Rotors Another reason your brakes can squeal is because of problems with the brake pads and/or rotors. Both of these parts wear down ... read more

Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?

When was the last time you gave the suspension system on your vehicle a second thought? Suspension? What’s that? If you’re like most people probably the only time you think about your suspension is when your car, truck, crossover, or SUV really starts to feel bumpy, even when you’re on a flat surface. When things do get a little bumpy there’s a good chance your shocks and/or struts are worn out. Some drivers recognize a bumpy ride – it’s hard not to notice. But sometimes people just ignore it and decide they can wait. After all, there are worse car problems, so why spend the money on new shocks and struts? You can handle a few extra bumps in your drive, right? The problem is ignoring a worn out suspension system is not a good idea. You won’t have as much control over your vehicle. Additionally, all of the extra bumps and rough rides might not bother you, but they might bother your vehicle. Bad shocks and struts can lead to other damage to you ... read more

Why Does My Car Squeak When I Turn the Wheel?

Why Does My Car Squeak When I Turn the Wheel? What is that terrible sound? You’re in your car and you’re all ready to get where you’re headed when you suddenly notice a squeak sounding when you turn your steering wheel. What is that? Why is your vehicle making that sound? If you get a squealing or squeaking sound when you turn your wheel, there could be several causes. Fortunately, most of the time the fix is something fairly simple. But first you have to figure out what’s causing it. Possible Issues If you know a little about auto repair then you might be able to figure out the problem on your own. However, in many cases, you might the need help of a certified mechanic to diagnose the cause and get it repaired. But here are some things you can check if you want to give it a shot on your own. Power Steering Fluid Start with the power steering fluid. This fluid does affect how your wheel sounds and feels. Wh ... read more

Can I Replace My Own Headlights?

Can I Replace My Own Headlights? Have you been driving around with one working headlight lately? If so, then you should really get that fixed. Not only does it make it harder to see things when driving at night, but it also makes you harder to see. Driving with a busted headlight bulb is not safe. And even if you don’t think it’s a big safety concern, you still shouldn’t drive with only one headlight. That’s because if a police officer notices you’re missing a headlight then you could get a ticket. Both of your headlights might even still be working. But as they get older, your headlights start to get dim, which means your nighttime visibility is not as good. So don’t put it off any longer. Get your headlight fixed or replaced and make sure your nighttime travels are safer. But changing a headlight can be such a pain, right? It’s true that with today’s advancements in vehicles, some headlight bulbs are really hard to ge ... read more

Five Engine Noises You Should Never Ignore

Five Engine Noises You Should Never Ignore Have you ever been driving and suddenly heard a strange noise coming from under the hood? Or maybe you go to start your car in the morning and it makes a noise you’ve never heard it make before. Have you ever been sitting in traffic and your vehicle starts to sound like it’s just as frustrated as you are with the slow moving traffic? These weird noises are your vehicle’s way of telling you something. And what it has to say is most likely very important. Don’t Ignore Signs of Trouble Here’s why. When your car, truck, crossover, or SUV makes strange noises your engine likely has some kind of issue. It could be something small, but you still shouldn’t ignore it because something small can lead to something bigger. And even worse, that noise could mean major damage. In other words, your engine might have a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away. So if you hear an ... read more

Five Tips to Keep Your Diesel Truck Lasting Longer

Five Tips to Keep Your Diesel Truck Lasting Longer So now that you have that beautiful diesel truck in your driveway, what are you going to do next, other than drive it, of course? Your new toy is awesome. And you want it to stay awesome. So that means you have to take care of it. After all, if you’re like most people you obviously want your new toy to last as long as possible. So how do you make sure that new diesel truck engine of your lasts longer so you can enjoy it for years to come? Make it Last as Long as Possible Like any vehicle, your diesel truck needs to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter what type of car, truck, crossover, or SUV you drive. If you don’t take care of it, it’s not going to last. It’s pretty simple. But you don’t want that to happen to your diesel truck, so what do you need to do? Here are some basic tips that will help your diesel truck running smoothly for as long as possible ... read more

Watch for Brake Warning Signs

When it comes to your car’s safety, brakes are one of the most important that need to be monitored. Although it may seem like a brake problem would be blatantly obvious, there are some signs of brake problems that you may not recognize immediately without understanding the true signs of brake problems.  We always recommend that brakes are inspected at least once a year to ensure that everything works properly. A problem with a major brake component, such as the brake line, can cause sudden brake failure and is definitely something that we all want to avoid. Regular brake maintenance will help you avoid these dangerous and scary situations and keep you safe on the road.  If you notice any of the following symptoms, bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible for a brake inspection:  Brake warning light is on Noticeable decrease in brake power Vibrating while braking Brake pedal feels spongy Brake pedal goes to the floor Brake pedal feels hard to pre ... read more

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