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What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

Maintenance is one of the most important parts of vehicle ownership, and for that reason, many manufacturers prescribe a regular maintenance schedule known as 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance. While some drivers see this maintenance schedule as excessive, the 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance schedule is actually extremely useful for catching problems early and saving money in the long run. How Does 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance Work? The 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance schedule involves taking your car into an auto repair shop every 30,000 miles for routine inspection and maintenance procedures. By addressing issues early, you will be able to avoid breakdowns and further damage and enjoy the benefit of curing these problems for much cheaper. Why Should I Use The 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance Schedule? There are several good reasons that you should use the 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance schedule: It will help your vehicle last much longer. Because problems are addressed early enough that th ... read more

How to Choose the Right Vancouver Auto Repair Shop for Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to auto repair in Vancouver WA you have many options to choose from. There are plenty of dealers in the area, and dozens of independent shops all over town. Obviously, location plays a big role in where you take your vehicle, especially for regular service and care. Most people typically choose a spot closer to their home. But it’s a little different if you need immediate or emergency work done on your vehicle. In that case, you will likely take it to closest place possible that can get you in the fastest. Fortunately, most of the time people are able to take their vehicle wherever they feel comfortable, especially for preventative maintenance. If you are looking for a trusted auto repair shop in Vancouver for preventative maintenance, there are several factors to consider to be sure you choose the right one. And tha ... read more

Does My Transmission Fluid Need to Be Flushed?

When was the last time you had your transmission fluid flushed? The truth is you don’t need to have this service done too often – about every 30,000 miles generally. But when it is time, you should get it done. Your transmission’s health and performance are directly affected by your transmission fluid. If you want to continue to be able to shift gears smoothly then your transmission fluid has to be in good shape. If it’s too old or dirty, you will notice a difference when your car shifts gears. And if left unattended, the transmission will suffer. So how do you know if there is an issue with your transmission fluid? It’s all about the color. The good news is your transmission fluid is very telling. In most cases, you simply need to look at what color it is to know what type of condition it’s in. Here are the different colors of transmission fluid and what they mean The Many Colors of Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid does two ... read more

Is Your Mass Airflow Sensor Dirty – Vancouver Auto Repair

Is your mass airflow sensor giving you problems? What is a mass airflow sensor? Did you know that part even exists? The mass airflow sensor plays an important role in your engine’s combustion and overall performance. When something is wrong with this sensor, you will notice the difference. The mass airflow sensor’s job is to track the amount of outside air that flows into your engine. This air goes to the combustion chamber where it is ignited with fuel. If the wrong amount of air gets into the chamber it affects combustion. So, you need the mass airflow sensor to work correctly for proper combustion. The good news is the mass airflow sensor typically doesn’t die. But it can get dirty, which causes it to perform poorly. Signs Your Mass Airflow Sensor Is Dirty There are several signs that your mass air flow sensor needs to be cleaned. Here’s what to look for. Poor Acceleration – does your engine hesitate when you try t ... read more

Vancouver Auto Repair - Why Are My Car’s Interior Lights Flickering?

Have you notice your car lights flickering lately? It’s not just your imagination. If either or both of your interior or exterior lights are dim or flickering, it’s likely a sign of problems with your alternator. Without the alternator functioning properly your vehicle cannot produce enough voltage to keep the battery charged while you are operating your vehicle. So, if you’ve noticed flickering or dim lights, then it’s probably time to replace your alternator at our Vancouver auto repair shop. Other Alternator Issues to Look for In addition to flickering lights, there are other signs to be aware of that your alternator is on the fritz. Here are a few other things to look for. Stalling Vehicle – if your vehicle continues to stall, the alternator is likely to blame. If it can’t send enough power to the spark plugs, they will misfire, and your car will stall. A new alternator is the only solution. Other Ac ... read more

What To Do When Your Vehicle Overheats

What To Do When Your Vehicle Overheats

Vehicles tend to overheat more often in hot weather. Even though it is rare with newer vehicles, a well-tuned automobile can still overheat.    When your vehicle goes through strenuous conditions, like stop-and-go traffic or steep hills on an extremely hot day, you might see some movement on your temperature gauge. A dead confirmation that your engine is overheating is if you notice the coolant temperature warning light comes on. Whenever you catch the signs of overheating, it is important you know how to handle the following steps: Step 1: Turn OFF your air conditioner and open your windows. While this may seem like something you aren’t supposed to, it decreases the engine’s workload. Step 2: If the vehicle continues to overheat, turn on the heater and blower. While this may seem counterintuitive, it helps draw the heat from the engine to the passenger compartment. Step 3: If possible, shift your car into Neutral or put your vehicle in park and rev the engin ... read more

Is Your Starter Dead – Vancouver Auto Repair?

Has your car been having trouble starting up lately? Does your battery have a full charge? What about the alternator, is it still working? The alternator prevents your car battery from dying, and your battery needs a good charge for your car to start. But these aren’t the only important parts that help start your vehicle initially. You also need your starter to be working correctly. This is little motor is what fires up the engine when you turn the key – or push the start button in today’s newer cars. So, even if your battery and alternator are in good working condition, you might still have problems getting your vehicle going if there is an issue with the starter. Signs Your Starter Needs to Be Replaced So other than having trouble with ignition, are there are other signs that your starter is going bad? Yes, there are. Your car may not have all of these issues. It will depend on your vehicle, but if your starter is bad, you should notice at least ... read more

Why Does My Car’s Exhaust Smell Like Sulfur?

What’s that smell? That’s usually not something you want to hear when you’re talking about your vehicle. Cars do have plenty of different smells and some are nothing to be alarmed about. However, there are other foul odors that you definitely need to pay attention to. Many of the bad smells from cars, come from the exhaust system. Your exhaust gets rid of a lot of pollutants, so it’s not surprising that it can smell bad at times, including the smell of sulfur. Sulfur is very unpleasant and if it’s coming from your vehicle, then you need to get it checked it out sooner rather than later. Catalytic Converter Problems – Vancouver Auto Repair When you notice the smell of sulfur, most likely there is an issue with your catalytic converter. If your converter gets clogged or starts to malfunction your emissions levels will be affected as well. Your vehicle will still run, but it will likely not have as much power because your exhaust sys ... read more


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Is My Transmission Overheating – Vancouver Auto Repair

Have you ever been driving a long and suddenly noticed steam coming from under the hood? Many times, this is from your vehicle’s coolant system. When an engine overheats, it has tendency to steam, especially from the radiator. However, the coolant system is not the only thing that can get overheated. Your transmission is another possibility. If your transmission is having issues and starts to overheat, you don’t want to take that lightly. You should probably get to a shop right away. In fact, it might be even better to pull over and have your vehicle towed. If you continue to drive with an overheated transmission, you risk doing more damage and even completely blowing it out. Top Reasons Your Transmission is Overheating So, why do transmission overheat? There are several possible reasons. Some are simple fixes and others are more serious, but these are the most common causes of an overheating transmission. Transmission Fluid is Leaking ... read more

Top Signs Your Engine is Leaking Vacuum Pressure – Vancouver Auto Repair

  When it comes to vacuums, you really want them to suck. But not in a bad way. Most people might not be aware that their vehicle’s engine includes a vacuum component. But the reality is this vacuum pressure is very important for the smooth operation of your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. When your car’s engine gets a leak in one of the vacuum hoses, it affects your engine’s performance. So, if you’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary lately, maybe your engine is leaking vacuum pressure. Not sure what to look for? Well, you’re not alone. With that in mind, here are some of the top signs that your engine is leaking vacuum pressure. Most Common Vacuum Pressure IssuesEngine Performance Is Suffering – obviously, if your vacuum pressure is off, your engine will not operate like it should, which means you will notice a difference in its performance. The leaking air fills the combustion chamber, preventing it f ... read more

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