Car Warning Signs to Look Out For

After driving your vehicle for a while, you become accustomed to how your vehicle drives. Then comes that one day where you are driving and you notice a strange grinding noise coming from underneath the hood - and you think, oh this can't be good. The great thing about understand how your vehicle is drives is the fact that it will be much easier to notice when something is wrong.  Most vehicle owners will complain about a strange noise, a weird smell, or a lack of performance when they suspect something is amiss with their vehicles. While sometimes the issue can be small or easy to repair, there are certain car warning signs to look out for that can indicate a more dire issue: A grinding or clunking noise coming from underneath the hood - this is an indication of a major transmission problem that should be addressed as soon as possible A screeching or squealing noise when your brake - this can point to needing new brake pads, which is important in order to prevent meta ... read more

How to Diagnose a Mechanical Problem

This new generation of cars is amazing. It seems like every year a new class of cars comes out with newer and better features. Technology is advancing and even the most basic cars now use sophisticated computers to operate. The new advances in auto technology are great and they make life a lot easier. But despite those advances, cars still have numerous mechanical components that break down. And even those most advance tools can’t diagnose mechanical problems. So how does a technician diagnose a mechanical problem? Thankfully, there are other methods to diagnose car problems besides computerized tools. The following “tools” are the most common methods they use. Standard Diagnosing ToolsVibrations & Movements – one way to diagnose mechanical problems is to pay attention to how it feels when you drive it. You mechanic can take your vehicle for a test drive and feel for any strange movements or vibrations. If your vehicle s ... read more

Does Your Muffler Need to Be Replaced?

Have you ever heard a car drive by that is so loud you want to plug your ears? Did you wonder at the time what caused that annoying sound? Well, there’s a good chance it was a bad muffler. When a muffler isn’t working right, that means there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system. So if you’ve noticed your car, truck, crossover, or SUV getting louder lately, you might want to check the muffler. Your exhaust system, like every other system, is a very important part of your vehicle. If it’s not functioning properly your vehicle isn’t going to function properly, either. And if you don’t take care of the issues quickly, they could get worse. And that can lead to even more problems, greater damage, and more expensive repairs. So if you notice any trouble signs with your muffler get them taken care of right away. What to Look for There are some obvious signs to look out for if your muffler is having any problem ... read more

What Is the 30-60-90 Maintenance Plan?

Have you ever heard the term “30-60-90 maintenance schedule?” What about the “factory schedule maintenance plan?” These terms are basically the same thing. And they both refer to the auto maintenance schedule that car manufacturers recommend for your vehicle. The reason the schedule includes these three numbers is simple. Most car manufacturers recommend this service every 30,000 miles. So now that you know what the 30-60-90-maintenance plan is, you might wonder how important it is. Don’t Skip Your 30-60-90 Maintenance Some drivers don’t give this scheduled maintenance plan much thought. In fact, some drivers ignore it altogether. But this factory scheduled maintenance plan is actually very important. It’s not just a suggestion. It’s also not an attempt by the dealership where you bought your car to trick you out of more money. There are actually two very good reasons to follow this plan closely. 1. First, sticking to ... read more

How to Fix a Flat Tire

Have you ever been stuck somewhere with a flat tire? You walk out to drive your car and one of the tires is toast. It’s even worse when you’re driving and your tire suddenly goes flat. Unfortunately, flat tires are a part of owning a car. Tires are made super durable, but if you run over a nail, you’re most likely going to get a flat. That’s why it’s a good to know how to fix a flat. At some point, almost everyone will have to fix a flat – especially if they don’t have a spare tire – at least once in their lifetime. So here’s what you need to know if you end up with a flat tire. Using a Tire Plug Kit The first thing you’re going to need is a tire plug kit. Once you have this you’re ready to fix your flat. 1. Find the Leak - The next step is to locate the leak. This is often very easy if the nail or other object that caused the leak is still stuck in the tire. If you can’t find anything stuck in yo ... read more

Top Safety Tips for Driving in Traffic

If you're a daily driver or commuter, chances are you've been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that won't budge. Nobody enjoys driving in traffic (well, maybe) - and the truth is, driving in conditions such as what we have described above can actually be more difficult and harder to navigate.  A traffic commute can cause aggressiveness and a bit of uncertainty while driving, especially when on the freeway. It may be harder to switch lanes or get where you need to go. With the larger amount of cars, it also becomes harder to stay safe and drive defensively.  Here are some top safety tips on driving during traffic:  Give yourself plenty of time to switch lanes, if possible. Bumper to bumper can make it difficult to get over, so allowing yourself enough time to find a way in can be very helpful and help you avoid accidents.    Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Traffic means uncertainty, and although it may ea ... read more

Simple Summer Car Care Tips

How’s your summer going? Having a great time in the warm weather? Have you taken any vacations or road trips yet? July is coming to a close but we still have several more weeks of summer. Summer can be a blast, but make sure you don’t forget about your vehicle while you’re having all that fun. You need to give your car the proper attention during these hot summer months or it won’t keep getting you where you need to be. That’s because even though you might take a summer vacation, your car, truck, crossover, or SUV doesn’t get to. Simple Summer Maintenance The good news is it doesn’t really take much effort to keep your vehicle happy and keep it on the road during the summer. All you really have to do is a take care of it. Here’s how. Engine Belts – have you looked at the condition of your serpentine belt lately? Did you even know you had a serpentine belt? It runs between the alternator, the fan and several other components. When it wears out, it can become loose, start to ... read more

Why Does My Car Air Conditioning Smell

Don’t you love that new car smell? It’s too bad it can’t last forever. On the flip side, don’t you hate it when your car starts making bad smells? Sometimes, it comes from the engine, or the exhaust. Sometimes it’s because we don’t clean are cars enough. That unfinished cheeseburger in the backseat from two weeks ago might be the problem. But sometimes, your car smells fine until you turn on the air conditioning. And then all that nice cool air is ruined by something stinky. So why does your car’s air conditioning smell bad? Most Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Smells If you notice a bad smell from your air conditioning then you obviously have a problem. These are the most common reasons for bad air conditioning smells. Gas Leak – if the bad odor from your air conditioner smells like gas, then you might have a gas leak. This happens because the gas smell gets sucked into the fresh air when you turn ... read more

How Often Should You Service a Diesel Engine?

If you own a diesel then you know you’ve made a serious investment in your vehicle. So that means taking care of it shouldn’t be a problem. But sometimes diesel owners don’t understand all the ins and outs of caring for their vehicle. And that can be really costly. Proper maintenance is absolutely critical if you want to keep your diesel engine running smoothly for many years to come. Stick to You Owner’s Manual The easiest way to take care of your diesel engine is to simply follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for vehicle maintenance. When you do this, you have the best chance of keeping your diesel engine running at optimal performance. But there are several other factors that play a role in the health of your diesel. Things like road conditions, your driving habits, weather and your driving distance all affect your engine and the maintenance you’ll need. But again, if you stick to the recommended guidelines, you should be okay ... read more

Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Timing Belt

Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Timing Belt Have you checked your timing belt lately? Do you know it’s probably time to get it replaced, but you don’t really want to? No one wants to replace his or her timing belt, because it’s an expensive service. But it’s also a very important service. In fact, if your timing belt quits working properly it can affect other parts of your vehicle. And if it snaps while your driving, it can actually ruin your engine. So putting off this important service can really cost you. What to Watch for First of all, if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in your owner’s manual then you shouldn’t have to worry about your timing belt breaking. But if you’re not sure when your timing belt should be changed, there are some signs to look for that indicate your belt needs to be replaced. Here’s what you need to know. Loss of Material – Your ... read more

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