Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble Is your car ready for the summer heat? It’s still June, but the sun is just starting to make its presence strongly felt here in the Vancouver area. With July and August right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your car ready for the rising temperatures with some Vancouver Auto repair. So what should you be looking for and what kinds of maintenance do you need? Your Cooling System Keeps Your Engine Running First off, any conversation about heat and vehicles starts with the cooling system. This system is extremely important for the health of your engine. It keeps your vehicle’s engine cool and running properly while you drive. If your engine overheats, it can lead to serious damage, including engine failure. That’s a repair that no one wants to go through. So, that’s why it’s vital to keep your cooling system running efficiently. D ... read more

Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment? What would it be like if you were driving down the road and your wheels all wanted to go in different directions? That might make for a crazy ride. It sounds more like an amusement park ride than a trip to the grocery store or a peaceful drive in the country. But the fact is, many people are driving around the Vancouver and Portland areas with wheels that want to go in different directions. How is that possible? Problems From Bad Alignment Of course, your wheels don’t have minds of their own, but when they are not aligned properly your vehicle doesn’t travel properly. Your car, crossover, truck or SUV is designed to go in one direction and the wheels help make this happen. However, if your wheels are not aligned it can lead to all kinds of problems. Not only can it lead to control problems, but when your wheels are out of alignment you can have poor gas mileage, uneven or ... read more

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service Who doesn't cringe when they hear that awful sound of squeaky brakes? It’s a sound you never want to hear on your vehicle. But many car, truck and SUV owners have squeaky brakes. Sure, you can try to ignore it for a while, but eventually, you’re going to have to address the problem. Even if you’re able to look past the sound forever, you can’t ignore how soft your brakes feel when you press on them. Squeaking, Grinding or Screeching So what causes your brakes to squeak? It could be something simple, like built-up dust or condensation. However, squeaky brakes often signal that your brakes need to be repaired. Grinding or squeaky brakes are usually caused by worn out brake pads or shoes. When your pads wear out and you don’t address the problem, other parts of your brake system can be damaged. Therefore, if your brakes start squeaking and the squeak doesn't go away b ... read more

Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

School is almost out. The warmer weather is on the way. And that can only mean a summer road trip is just around the corner. Road trips can be a lot of fun. Screaming kids in the back seats, snacks spilled all over the floor, and miles and miles of nothing to look at. OK. All kidding aside, summer road trips can really be a ton of fun. But there’s nothing fun about having car problems when you’re traveling. Avoid a Costly Breakdown Nobody wants to break down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Nothing can ruin a summer road trip like car troubles. And getting your vehicle fixed on a road trip is always very costly. Of course, you can’t control everything and sometimes car problems happen when you least expect them. But you can prepare your vehicle for a road trip before you leave. Making sure your vehicle is running properly will go a long ways in helping you enjoy your trip. It will also ensure that you get where you’re going, a ... read more

Top Signs Your Vehicle Might Be Headed Towards Engine Failure

Top Signs Your Vehicle Might Be Headed Towards Engine Failure For most people their vehicles are extremely important. Without a reliable, safe car, truck, crossover or SUV most people can’t get where they’re going. That’s why it’s so important to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Cars are great, but a lot can go wrong with them. That’s simply the nature of automobiles. However, in most cases, if you do regular maintenance, like oil changes and tune-ups, you can keep your car running smoothly for many, many years. Get Your Car Checked at the First Sign of Trouble Unfortunately, it’s when you overlook importance maintenance that you start to have trouble. Of course, not all car problems are the owners’ fault. Cars get old and they break down. That’s what cars do over time. But no matter the reason, if you notice any signs of trouble, it’s best to get your vehicle checked out at an experienced ... read more

How Important Are Regular Oil Changes?

How Important Are Regular Oil Changes? Does it seem like you just had an oil change a few weeks ago? These days the average driver puts more than 1,000 miles on his or her vehicle every month. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. That means you could be making frequent visits to your local Vancouver Auto Repair Shop. But just how important are regular oil changes? Do all cars need an oil change every 3,000 miles? Why do some automakers recommend every 5,000 miles? How bad could it possibly be if you wait longer to get your oil changed? The Lifeblood of Your Vehicle The answer is: very bad. Your oil is essentially the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without sufficient, clean oil your engine won’t run properly. It’s the same as your body without enough clean blood. Just as your health would decline if you had dirty blood, the health of your engine will get worse with dirty or insufficient oil. Here’s why regular o ... read more

Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

Have noticed any funny smells coming from your under your hood after driving your vehicle? Have you seen any dark spots or puddles on the ground under your vehicle? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might have a fluid leak. Not all fluid leaks are created the same. In fact, some puddles are nothing to be concerned about all. However, other fluid leaks can either be sign of a serious problem, or a warning sign that bigger problems could be coming. Know Your Vehicle Fluids Your vehicle is full of different fluids and at any time you could find a puddle of one of these under your car, truck, crossover or SUV. They include: Engine oil – light brown to black Brake fluid – clear to brown and slick Transmission fluid – reddish and thin or brown and thick Coolant – yellow, green, or pink and slimy Power steering fluid – reddish or light brown and thin ... read more

Car Cleaning Tips to Make Your Spring Cleaning Last

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. That means you’ll likely be driving your vehicle even more than usual in the coming months. So it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the summer driving season. That includes a good cleaning. No matter what type of vehicle you drive – Ford, Chevy, Honda, Subaru, or Toyota – taking care of it is important if you want it to last. That includes getting important maintenance and service done at your trusted Vancouver Auto Repair shop. Vancouver Auto Repair to Keep Your Car Running Besides regular maintenance, simply cleaning your car, truck, or SUV can make a big difference in the life of your vehicle. When you take care of your car, it usually ends up taking care of you. There are several basic car-cleaning tips to keep in mind, like washing and vacuuming. However, there are a few other tips that you might not be aware of. But these tips can make a big difference in your vehicle&rsquo ... read more

Is It Time for Some Scheduled Maintenance – Vancouver Auto Repair

Is It Time for Some Scheduled Maintenance – Vancouver Auto Repair Earlier this month, we talked about the importance of (Top Preventive Maintenance Services You Should Consider) preventative maintenance. Getting your vehicle checked regularly for preventative maintenance will help keep it running right. One of the best ways to keep on top of your preventative maintenance is to simply keep up to date with your factory-scheduled maintenance. Know Your Maintenance Schedule Every car is different, but most cars include a recommended maintenance schedule. In fact, many cars will notify you when it’s time to get certain things checked and/or changed. For example, many cars come with a recommendation to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles. Many vehicles also include standard maintenance checks at 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 and ... read more

Looking for a Pre-Owned Vehicle for Your Graduate?

Looking for a Pre-Owned Vehicle for Your Graduate? It’s still April so school is not quite out yet in Vancouver WA. But the school year is getting closer to being over. This a big time of year for high school graduates, as they prepare to start the next phase of their lives. That often includes a new car. Well, at least a new car to them. If getting your graduate a car is in your plans, then now is a good time to start looking. While some parents splurge and get a brand new vehicle, most families prefer to buy a pre-owned car for their new graduate. There are all kinds of makes and models to choose from, obviously. So it all depends on what you’re looking for. But for most people, buying a reliable and affordable vehicle are the top priorities. Top Makes for Graduates Some of the best options for new graduates include the Honda Civic, and the Toyota Corolla. Other popular models include the Hyundai Elantra, the Nissan Altima, and the Subaru Impreza, t ... read more

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