Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Works Well Under Stress

Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Works Well Under Stress – Vancouver Auto Repair   Have you ever wondered why people choose to buy diesel engines, or why every semi-truck on the road runs on diesel? Sure, diesel might smell a little funky, and they do have a reputation of being very loud (although they are much quieter now), but there must be a reason that so many drivers choose diesel over a regular gas engine.   Simply put, diesel engines are generally stronger and more durable than gas powered engines. And they typically perform better under high stress than gas powered engines do. That’s why more and more people are going with diesel. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that auto manufacturers have made several advancements in diesel engines, either.   Why Diesel?   Here are some of the reasons that make diesel engines a good choice. So, if you’re considering buying a diesel, continue reading to see the bene ... read more


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Need a Used Car Inspection – Vancouver Auto Repair

Right now, people are paying high prices and vehicles are hard to come by. In some cases, people have even paid more for a used vehicle than the price of a new one for the same model. If you’ve been looking for a pre-owned car lately, then you know the used car market is crazy When purchasing a used vehicle, you always have to be sure you are getting a car that’s still in good working condition. But in the current market, you have to be completely sure you know what you’re getting for the money. While many used cars are in very good shape these days, they are still used. So, you never really know for sure exactly what kind of condition a vehicle might be in. That’s why getting a pre-purchase inspection is a very smart move.   Make Sure You Know the Whole Story   These days, there are many online resources that can give you an idea of a vehicle’s history. T ... read more

Hoesly Automotive's Ultimate Emergency Vehicle Kit

Hoesly Automotive's Ultimate Emergency Vehicle Kit

Keeping an emergency kit on you at all times can help you in dire times. Think about it - you can never anticipate a vehicle breakdown or catastrophic car accident. According to the NHTSA, there are more than 6 million reported motor vehicle accidents each year in the United States. Furthermore, the 6 million does not include the unreported mishaps that happen daily to hundreds or thousands of motorists. You can minimize the stress and worries by carrying certain items along with you on your daily commute. Unsure of what to pack? Here is a list that we have created for you to organize and collect for your ultimate emergency car kit: Flashlight Batteries Compass Jumper Cables Jump Starter - Portable power bank for car, phones, and other electronics First Aid Kit Tire Pressure Gauge Fix-A-Flat Can or Air Compressor Bungee Cords Screwdrivers Multi-tool Gloves Cable Ties Duct Tape Reflective Triangle Road Flares Emergency Survival Blanket Non-Perisha ... read more

Can I Get Financing for Auto Repair – Vancouver Auto Mechanic

The only thing worse about needing car repairs, is not having enough cash on hand to be able to pay for them. Auto repairs can be expensive. And not everyone has disposable cash at any given time of the month. But if your car breaks down and you need it repaired ASAP, you don’t have the luxury of waiting till you get paid again. Fortunately, you can still get your vehicle repaired, thanks to several financing options. However, they aren’t all created equally. There are some independent auto repair financing options, but we also offer financing to qualified customers, here at Hoesly through a partnership with Synchrony Financial. But first let’s take a look at some of the other options available. Pay With a Credit Card – the quicke ... read more

Why Is My Car Having Electrical Issues – Vancouver Auto Repair

Do you think your vehicle might have electrical issues? Maybe your car, truck, crossover, or SUV is having trouble starting, or perhaps you’ve noticed your lights dimming when you turn something else on inside your car. In most cases, the battery is the first place people look if they’re having some kind of electrical issue with their vehicle. However, your battery is not always the problem. Signs of Electrical Problems Here are some other things that could be causing your electrical issues, including your alternator. In fact, many electrical issues are a result of a faulty alternator. Warning LightComes on – your dashboard has numerous warning lights that alert you to possible problems. If you notice the light that says “ALT” or “GEN” that means your computer is sensing an issue with the alternator. The light could also be shaped like a battery. If it comes on, then you have an electrical ... read more

Why Is My Fuel Economy Lagging – Vancouver Auto Repair

It seems like we can’t catch a break when it comes to gas prices. Prices sunk during the pandemic shutdown, but many people didn’t have anywhere to drive so they couldn’t take advantage of the low prices. Now that things are opened back up, prices have soared once again.   With no relief in sight, drivers are always looking for better fuel economy. But what happens if your gas mileage has suddenly taken a nosedive? Fuel economy can fluctuate depending on driving conditions and your vehicle of choice. However, if you’ve noticed a decrease lately but your driving situation hasn’t really changed, then you might have a problem that needs some repair.   Most Common Causes of Bad Gas Mileage   Your vehicle can see a dip in fuel economy for several reasons. Here’s a breakdown of what can cause a decline and what you can do to fix it.   Problems With Your Vehicle – obviously, when your fuel ... read more

Signs Your Vehicle Has an Exhaust Problem – Vancouver Auto Repair

Like every system in your vehicle, the exhaust system plays a key role in your car’s overall performance. Of course, it muffles the engine giving you a nice quiet ride, but it does more than that. Your exhaust system also ensures that the oxygen exchange inside the combustion chamber remains constant. It ensures that gases get out and fresh oxygen gets in. When something is off with your exhaust system, it can hurt your vehicle’s performance. So here are the signs of trouble to look for if something is wrong with your exhaust.   Look for These Signs of Trouble   Loud Noise – the first sign of trouble, or at least the most obvious one, is noise. Remember, your exhaust system, specifically the muffler, is designed to silence engine noise. If something is wrong with the muffler, your car is going to get loud. It could be a hole, or it could be a leak. Either way, you’ll notice the difference. A leak in the manifold ga ... read more

A+ Car Maintenance for Back-to-School Season

A+ Car Maintenance for Back-to-School Season

With the new school year creeping up on us, now is a great time to make sure your car is fitted to handle school carpools, college commutes, and trips to the office. Regardless of where and when your back-to-school season begins, our auto repair specialists have valuable car maintenance tips to share.   CHECK YOUR TIRES The first thing you should do is something many people often neglect: check the tread wear on their tires. Your wheels are lawfully required to have a minimum of 2/32 of an inch on their ridges. However, it is highly recommended that you have them replaced with as little as 4/32 of an inch to ensure maximum safety. Tires that don't have enough tread are dangerous for the following reasons: Impeded stopping power Increased chance of a tire blowout Loss in traction in wet conditions REPLACE YOUR OIL Engine oil is the bloodline of your vehicle, which is why oil changes are so vital to your engine's health. Oil is responsible for reducing friction, keepi ... read more

Does Your Car Have Any of These Brake Problems – Vancouver Auto Repair

Brakes; they’re kind of important, right? Obviously, every part of your vehicle is important, but without your brakes you’d be crazy to even take your vehicle on the road. When your brakes are working properly you don’t give them much thought. But if they start to screech or they feel soft when you press the brake pedal, then you take notice.   A little screeching is annoying, but it doesn’t mean your vehicle will suddenly be unable to stop. However, there are some brake problems that you should never put off. Doing so, could compromise your safety.   Serious Brake Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore   There are numerous things that can go wrong with your brakes. Here are five things you should never ignore.   Brake pedal feels spongy – your brake pedal should always feel firm, instead of squishy. If your pedal doesn’t really give you any resistance, or it pushes all the way to the floor ... read more

Is Your Clutch On The Way Out?

Is Your Clutch on the Way Out? Vancouver Auto Repair   Are you “old school” when it comes to your driving experience? Do you enjoy the thrill of grabbing the gearshift and envisioning yourself at the racetrack? While most cars on the road today have an automatic transmission, there are still people who prefer the excitement of a manual. If you do drive a manual, then it’s important to keep your clutch in top condition.   Your clutch can last for years if you take care of it, but eventually, all clutches break down. So how do you know when your clutch has reached the end of its rope? There are several signs to look for.   Signs Your Clutch Is About to Go Out   Grinding – Anyone who’s ever driven a manual, knows what that awful grinding noise sounds like. It’s just part of learning how to drive a stick sh ... read more

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